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Near Surface Geophysics

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Near Surface Geophysics is an international journal for the publication of research and development in geophysics applied to near surface. It places emphasis on geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical, environmental, engineering, mining, archaeological, agricultural and other applications of geophysics as well as physical soil and rock properties. Geophysical and geoscientific case histories with innovative use of geophysical techniques are welcome, which may include improvements on instrumentation, measurements, data acquisition and processing, modelling, inversion, interpretation, project management and multidisciplinary use. The papers should also be understandable to those who use geophysical data but are not necessarily geophysicists.

Impact Factor 2015: 1.232

Near Surface Geophysics is indexed/abstracted in the Current Contents/ Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences, ISI Alerting Service and Science Citation Index Expanded.

Near Surface Geophysics is published 6 times a year.

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Ranajit Ghose

Associate Editors

Frank Boerner Rock physics and hydrogeophysics
Adam Booth Georadar and seismics
Giorgio Cassiani – Georadar, electrical and electromagnetic methods
Nigel Cassidy – Geoelectrics and georadar 
Federico Cella – Gravity and magnetics
Michele Cercato – Seismics, Surface Waves
Torleif Dahlin – Geoelectrics and electromagnetics
Maurizio Fedi – Gravity and magnetics
Gerald Gabriel – Gravity and magnetics
Ranajit Ghose – Seismics and geotechnics
Mark Goldman – Electromagnetics
Gilles Grandjean – Seismics, geotechnics and joint inversion
Roger Guérin  Hydrogeophysics and geoelectrics
James Harris – Seismics
Thomas Kalscheuer – Electromagnetics
Andreas Kemna – Hydrogeophysics and induced polarisation
Jung-Ho Kim – Geoelectrics, electromagnetics and GPR
Oliver Kuras – Geoelectrics and electromagnetics
Anatoly Legchenko – Magnetic Resonance Sounding and hydrogeophysics
Meng Heng Loke – Geoelectrics and inversion
Jean-Luc Mari – Seismics  
Manuel Senos Matias – Geoelectrics and georadar
Mike Müller-Petke – Rock physics and nuclear magnetic resonance
Raffaele Persico – Georadar and archaeogeophysics
Salvatore Piro – Georadar and archaeogeophysics
André Pugin – Seismics
Dhananjay Ravat – Gravity and magnetics
Fayçal Rejiba – Georadar and electromagnetics
Luigi Sambuelli – Geoelectrics and electromagnetics
Claudio L. Strobbia – Seismic surface waves
Alain Tabbagh – Geoelectrics, electromagnetics and geothermics
Bülent Tezkan – Electromagnetics
Panagiotis Tsourlos – Geoelectrics
Mark Vardy – Seismics and shallow marine geophysics 
Saurabh Verma – Electromagnetics
Giulio Vignoli  – Electromagnetics and seismic surface waves
Bing Zhou  – Geoelectrics and seismics

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Volume 15 · Number 1 · February 2017


The 3D Autojuggie: automating acquisition of 3D near-surface seismic reflection data
B.E. Miller, S.D. Sloan, G.P. Tsoflias and D.W. Steeples

Facies discrimination with electrical resistivity tomography using a probabilistic methodology: effect of sensitivity and regularisation
T. Hermans and J. Irving

A cost-effective 3D electrical resistivity imaging approach applied to dike investigation
C. Jodry, S.P. Lopes, Y. Fargier, P. Côte and M. Sanchez

VEMI: a flexible interface for 3D tomographic inversion of time- and frequency-domain electrical data in EIDORS
G. De Donno and E. Cardarelli

Seasonal saline intrusion monitoring of a shallow coastal aquifer using time-lapse DC resistivity traversing
E. Sutter and M. Ingham

Spectral time-domain induced polarization and magnetic surveying – an efficient tool for characterisation of solid waste deposits in developing countries
D.D. Wemegah, G. Fiandaca, E. Auken, A. Menyeh and S.K. Danuor

Physical characterisation of soils recovered from the ANZAC battlefield
A.Orangi and G.A. Narsilio

Using ground-penetrating radar to explore the cemented soil horizon in an arid region in Iran
F. Abbaszadeh Afshar, S. Ayoubi, A. Castrignanò, R. Quarto and M.R.M. Ardekani

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