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Young Professionals

Within the EAGE a Young Professional (YP) is defined as being 35 years or younger and an EAGE member within the current EAGE membership year. When a person becomes 36, he/she will receive an email in the end of the membership year with the information that he/she can no longer qualify as a Young Professional.

EAGE's Young Professional Community

The community aims to provide an ideal platform for young professionals to start establishing their presence in the industry, share experience and knowledge, and be situated in the right place for networking within the global oil and gas industry. It facilitates worldwide communication between members of the network, and promotes the inclusive participation of YPs in related EAGE activities.

The mission of the EAGE YP Community is to enable EAGE Young Professionals to offer mutual support and the exchange of information relating to:
- better understanding of YP community expectations
- facilitation of advice given between community members
- sharing of career opportunities
- guidance on career development

In 2016, the committee was expanded to further improve on the interaction and activities of the YP SIC. Seven EAGE YP members volunteer to take responsibility for the different aspects within the YP SIC for a period of two years:

Committee 2016-2018

Name Position YP SIC Country Company Job Title
Filippo Broggini  Chairman Switzerland ETH Zürich Postdoctoral researcher
Romain Chassagne Committee member UK Heriot-Watt University Research Associate
Daniel Clarke Committee member UK BG Group Development Geophysicist
Leonardo Azevedo Committee member Portugal Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa Assistant Professor
Kate Lloyd Committee member UK BG Group Geophysicist
Matteo Ravasi Committee member Norway Statoil ASA Research Reservoir Geophysicist
Niels Grobbe Committee member USA MIT Postdoctoral Associate

As a focal point for all YP Network activities, and to encourage YPs to contribute to and grow their own community, a LinkedIn group for EAGE Young Professional members has been created. The committee 2016-2018 will increase the activity on the LinkedIn Group by weekly posting links, including interviews of young professionals, and fostering discussions among the members.

Dr Filippo Broggini, YP SIC Chair: “All young professionals are invited to join the LinkedIn group to participate in discussions and to discover the opportunities available. These opportunities range from involvement in reviewing material for the Annual Meeting, to co-chairing technical sessions, and especially participating in the organisation of future events for young professionals”.


EAGE Young Professional Award

To emphasize its commitment towards the community, EAGE annually presents the Arie van Weelden Award to a young professional who has made a highly significant contribution to one or more of the disciplines in our Association.