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Oil and Gas Geoscience Division

The purpose of the Oil and Gas Geoscience Division (OGGD) is to represent and promote the interests of its members and to ensure that each of the Oil and Gas geoscience disciplines of geophysics, geology and reservoir engineering is adequately represented within the EAGE and its functional committees.

The above is achieved by:

  • Developing communication with members to better define their needs and identify new ideas and developments
  • Submitting recommendations to the Board for approval to be implemented by specific committees and for appointing Editors-in-Chief of Petroleum Geoscience and Geophysical Prospecting Journals.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Hold Technical Division meetings at least at the Annual EAGE conference and in September and February of each year
  • Assist with the staffing of the permanent committees
  • Nominate for Board approval a Technical Programme Assistant for each of the geophysics, geology and engineering and multi-disciplinary studies
  • Assist the Technical Programme Assistant with suggestions for workshops, special sessions, chairpersons and referees for the Annual EAGE, Near Surface Geophysics and other conferences
  • Receive reports from the Technical Programme Assistant and editors at Technical Division Meetings
  • The Division is in alignment with the EAGE's Environmental Policy
  • Receive via the division chairman notices, agendas and minutes of permanent committee meetings and provide additional input as appropriate.
The current members of the divisional committee are:

Committee Members

  • John Brittan (Chair)
  • Caroline Lowrey (Vice-Chair)
  • Donatella Astratti (Committee member)
  • David F. Halliday (Technical Programme Representative (Geophysics) and YP liaison)
  • Michael Welch (Technical Programme Representative (Geology) and Near-Surface Division liaison)
  • Olivier R. Gosselin (Technical Programme Representative (Reservoir) and Resource Evaluation Committee liaison)
  • Phil Christie (Chief Editor "Petroleum Geoscience")
  • Sebastian Geiger (Resource Evaluation Committee liaison)
  • Tijmen-Jan Moser (Editor-in-Chief "Geophysical Prospecting")
  • Walter Rietveld (Technical Programme Officer)
  • Michael Zhdanov (Near-Surface Division liaison)
  • Xavier Garcia (Near-Surface Division liaison)
  • Paul F. Worthington (Resource Evaluation Committee liaison)
  • Øistein Bøe (Resource Evaluation Committee liaison)
  • Martin Widmaier (Technical Programme Representative (Geophysics))
  • Ann Muggeridge (IOR Committee liaison)
  • Rick Donselaar (Technical Programme Representative (Geology))


Divisional journals:


Geophysical Prospecting
Petroleum Geoscience