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The words of the Chairman

The EAGE Research Committee (RC) acts as a voice of the members towards the EAGE organization, especially regarding issues related to the scientific content. The RC members come from the various application fields within our community, having specialisms like seismics (the majority), other geophysical applications, petroleum engineering, near surface and geology.

The RC members are all motivated to keep the technical standards of the EAGE as high as they have been. By all means we try to help EAGE to bring a broad, high-level and dedicated scientific program towards the geoscience community.

One of the main activities of the EAGE RC is to organize workshops during the annual meeting and contribute in organizing stand-alone workshops, like the yearly joint SEG-EAGE Summer Research Workshop. Furthermore, the RC supports dedicated sessions during the annual EAGE meeting.

In addition the RC advises the EAGE organization in issues that are of importance to the membership and spot new trends that may need attention. The RC can also start new initiatives, like was done a few years ago with the introduction of the “Earthdat” portal at the EAGE website, in order to gather information on geophysical data, models and software.


Xander Campman

Chairman of the EAGE Research Committee (2016-2018)