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In the past years EAGE introduced the Associated Society Membership. Through this membership local and national geoscientific societies are given the opportunity to use the knowledge and network of an international, professional society like EAGE.

Associated Society Membership benefits:

1. Scientific journals & First Break
Every month you will receive a new issue of our monthly magazine First Break and one of our other scientific journals.

2. Display at EAGE’s Annual Exhibition
Every year EAGE organizes its Annual Conference & Exhibition. This is one of the largest multidisciplinary geoscience event of its kind. You are offered a free display opportunity at the exhibition to present your organization to a large international crowd.

3. Lecture from Distinguished Lecturer Programme (DLP)
EAGE composes a list of Distinguished Lecturers who offer courses on a wide range of geoscientific topics. You can offer the course to your members via a live-stream webinar.

4. Promotion possibilities
EAGE offers you the possibility to communicate your activities through our website or our journal First Break. You will reach more than 18,000 EAGE members!

Do you want to know more about the Associated Society Membership, the terms and conditions and the benefits, please contact us at communications@eage.org.

If you want to apply for the Associated Society Membership, please fill out the application form. You will be contacted as soon as possible.