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EAGE Green Fund

Since 2010 EAGE has actively worked on becoming more green by initiating the EAGE Green Fund. Several projects have already been undertaken, such as placing solar panels on the roof of the EAGE head office in Houten, in the Netherlands. Various other initiatives supported by the Green Fund are long-term projects. In May 2014 EAGE was proud to announce the support of two such long term projects in cooperation with Eole Water and Oasebos.

With support form the Green Fund, Eole Water is working on producing drinking water from thin air – quite literally. Eole’s patented machine produces drinking water through condensation of humid air and is powered by solar energy. 

The EAGE Green Fund is also supporting the Dutch foundation Oasebos in its work to protect tropical ecosystems in Costa Rica. With financial support from among others, the EAGE Green Fund, the foundation buys large chunks of tropical rainforest. With the help of local volunteers and the Costa Rican Environment and Energy Ministry, these ecosystems are protected and maintained.

Facts about the EAGE Green Fund

  • From all registration fees for EAGE events one euro (€1) will be put in the Green Fund
  • This will be supplemented with a contribution by EAGE
  • The money raised in this way will be utilized to initiate and support geoscience and engineering environmental initiatives.
  • No increase in cost for our members! 

We will keep you updated about the green fund in the coming years. We are also looking for new initiatives for the Green Fund to support. If you have a suggestion or know of an initiative which falls within the scope of the EAGE Green Fund, please send an email to greenfund@eage.org.