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With a global membership base of approximately 18,000 geoscientists and engineers, EAGE holds the ideal possition worldwide to help you find qualified staff.

EAGE offers the following opportunities to help you reach your target audience:


Advertising top of the page

The Recruitment Special (to be published in May 2016) offers various excellent advertising opportunities. It is also possible to combine your advert with an article related to recruitment.


Recruitment Special 2016 Advertising Rates
Page Mono Colour Width/Height
2/1 double page spread € 3,875 € 9,225 420x280 mm
Inside front cover n/a € 5,775 210x280 mm
Inside back cover n/a € 5,775 210x280 mm
Outside back cover n/a € 6,525 210x280 mm
First right hand page n/a € 5,950 210x280 mm
Full page bleed € 2,175 € 4,950 210x280 mm
Full page non-bleed € 2,050 € 4,875 170x246 mm
Half page horizontal € 1,550 € 2,950 170x115 mm
Half page vertical € 1,550 € 2,950 83x246 mm
Third page horizontal € 975 € 1,975 170x75 mm
Third page vertical € 975 € 1,975 54x246 mm
Quarter page horizontal € 800 € 1,575 170x54 mm
Quarter page vertical € 800 € 1,575 83x115 mm
Special advert n/a From € 9,750 Custom made


In addition, EAGE's flagship magazine First Break offers excellent advertising opportunities and can also be used for job adverts throughout the year.


Recruiting at events top of the page

The Job Centre is a designated area for recruiters on the exhibition floor of EAGE's Annual Conference & Exhibition in June. Participate in the Job Centre with a booth of 9 or 18 m² (booth package provided), a wall panel or a flyer displayer and meet a large number of people face-to-face in only a few days.

The next Job Centre will be organized during the 78th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition in Vienna held from 30 May - 2 June 2016.


Job opportunities on EAGE website top of the page

Both EAGE members and non-members visit this page regularly to look for new jobs. If you are looking for new staff, make sure your ad is listed to reach the right candidates in the right field. 

Job opportunities website rates
Job advert € 330 (three consecutive months)
Leaderboard/Skyscraper € 950 (per month)


Sponsoring EAGE Studentstop of the page

Supporting a student event is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with the next generation of geoscientists and engineers. EAGE's annual meeting offers an exciting student programme with trial job interviews, tours around the exhibition floor and more. Companies can also support smaller events in a certain region or decide to sponsor the EAGE Student Fund.


For more information about Recruitment, please contact EAGE's Account Manager Recruitment.