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What does the EAGE membership include? top of the page
  • Every month a new issue of First Break (online & print)
  • Free online subscription to one of EAGE's scientific journals
  • Discount on additional journal subscriptions (subscribe for the digital journals for only €10 extra)
  • Access to EarthDoc, EAGE's online geoscience database
  • Member discount at the improved online EAGE Bookshop
  • Discount on all EAGE events worldwide
  • Free use of Learning Geoscience, EAGE's Education portal
  • Access to Members Only webpage (including member search)

Can I subscribe to an additional journal? top of the page

One online subscription is included in your membership fee. When applying for EAGE membership, you can indicate if you would like to benefit from attractive discounts on additional journal subscriptions (online and / or print). Please note that a print subscription is only possible in combination with an online subscription.

If you include the online subscription to Geophysical Prospecting in your membership (free of charge), you pay an additional fee of € 35 to receive the printed version. If you choose to receive the online subscription to a different journal, but would like to receive Geophysical Prospecting in print, the fee for the printed version will be € 45 (online + print).


Journal Online Print *
Petroleum Geoscience € 10 € 35
Near Surface Geophysics € 10 € 35
Geophysical Prospecting € 10 € 35
Basin Research € 10 € 35


* Only in combination with an online version

Can I subscribe to your journals as an institution? top of the page

Yes, please send an e-mail to the Publications Department to request an institutional subscription.


How much is the EAGE membership fee? top of the page

Normal members € 50
Student members € 25*
Retired members € 25**

When you pay for 5 years at once, you get a 5% discount.

* Students can also apply for free student membership sponsored by BP and Fugro. Please refer to the Student Membership page of the EAGE website.

** Retired membership is only available to normal members who are not working for a company anymore, reached the age of 60 and who have been member of the EAGE for at least 10 years.

When do I have to pay my dues? top of the page

The EAGE Membership is on a calendar year basis. The fee has to be paid before 1 January. All membership applications received after 30 September are automatically considered as applications for the next year.

How can I pay my dues? top of the page

You could process the payment online via our website; fast, easy and secure. You can also pay by sending a credit card authorization by mail/fax or by bank transfer. When using a bank transfer don't forget to mention your full name or membership number.

I have problems with registrations or payments via the EAGE website top of the page

In order to make full use of all options and forms on this website, you need to:

  • Enable (session)cookies
  • Disable any content filter (both on your local PC and any centralised content filter which are commonly based on the company's proxy-server or firewall)
  • Enable your (corporate) firewall to allow unlimited access from your PC to the internet
  • Make sure you use a supported internet browser (internet explorer 8)
  • Enable javascript

All online payments are handled by 'RBS WorldPay'. Be aware that 'RBS WorldPay' will appear as the merchant on your credit card account status.

The acceptance of an online payment is conducted by 'RBS WorldPay'. This depends on:

  • Country of origin (of the credit card)
  • Country where the computer is localised (conducting the online payment)
  • Payment history of your credit card (only payments handled by RBS WorldPay)
  • Clearance of the credit card company (card validation and credit check)
  • Currently the following countries are listed as 'high risk countries': Argentina, Indonesia, Nigeria, Romania and Philippines.

When experiencing troubles performing a registration/payment, please contact us.

How secure is paying online via the EAGE website? top of the page

EAGE uses the services of the Payment Service Provider 'RBS WorldPay' for all online payments. The internet connection will become a secure connection (128bit or 168bit encrypted) when the page opens where you have to enter your credit card details. The actual payment is conducted by 'RBS WorldPay', therefore the EAGE cannot receive or store any creditcard-data.

How to check if the payment is secure?
This depends on whether you are registering as an EAGE member or purchasing a book from the EAGE Bookshop.

When registering as an EAGE member, the internet address bar will show https instead of http. Furthermore you will see a golden pad lock icon appear beside the internet address bar (Internet Explorer 7) or on the bottom of the browser (Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox).

When purchasing from the bookshop you will not see the golden pad lock icon or https in the address bar due to the structure of the website. You can check this transaction is secure by right clicking on the 'frame' you are entering your purchasing details in and selecting 'Properties' (Internet Explorer) or 'This Frame'->'View Frame Info' (Firefox), in the properties windows that appears 'address' should be 'https://...' showing the site is secure.


I cannot login to the EAGE website top of the page

EAGE introduced a new login procedure in June 2009. You are requested to log in once and to choose your own login name and password. After this is done, a verification e-mail will be sent to your preferred e-mailadress that you will need to confirm (if you do not receive a verification e-mail, please also check your spam inbox). Only after your confirmation, you can login to the EAGE website with your new login credentials. If you have trouble logging into the EAGE website, please contact the Membership  Department.

Error message:"There is a problem with this website's security certificate" top of the page

This is basically an Internet Explorer 7 Website Security Certificate problem. You have to self-sign the certificate on the client computer or add the URL manually to the trusted security zone. You will receive the warning message:

"There is a problem with this website's security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority."


"Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept data you send to the server."

To fix this issue, you can follow either of the methods:

  • Go to Menu bar > Tools > Internet Options

  • Click Security > Trusted sites > Sites

  • Type the URL in the Add this website to the zone text box > uncheck Require server verification >Add > click Close

What will happen if I do not pay in time? top of the page

If you did not pay your dues by 1 January your name will be removed from the mailing list and you will be suspended. The suspension will be cancelled upon payment of the membership fee. If you did not pay your dues for more than twelve months you will be removed from the Association's membership list.

Will I receive back issues if I did not pay in time or my address was unknown? top of the page

Journals published during the time you are removed from the mailinglist due to not paying your dues or an unknown address, are not sent afterwards.

I would like to reinstate my EAGE membership. What shall I do? top of the page

To renew your EAGE membership, please fill in an application form on this website or send it back by fax/mail. Please be informed that a member who has been removed from the membership list may be reinstated upon payment of an additional reinstatement fee of € 15.

Can I become a retired member ? top of the page

Yes, you can. But only if you have been a member of the Association for over 10 years, older than 60 years and if you are retired.

Technical specifications EAGE website top of the page

This website can be used with the following minimum requirements

  • MS Internet Explorer 6.0 or
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0
  • Monitor resolution 1024 x 800 px

The recommended requirements are

  • MS Internet Explorer 7 or
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0
  • Monitor resolution 1280 x 1024 px

Furthermore, both javascript and cookies need to be enabled to use the website. Some parts of the website may use a flash-player.

How long does it take before my membership application is processed? top of the page

It takes two to four weeks before your membership application is processed. After this period you will start receiving the subscribed journals. An official e-mail with your membership and login details will be sent to the e-mail address selected on the application form.