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Getting to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro's main international airport is Galeão International Airport. From here, many travel hubs in the Americas, Europe and Asia can be reached. The airport is located 20km from the city itself. At the airport there are frequent bus services to Rio, as well as taxis for hire. The costs of these vary between 15 R$ (bus) to 60 R$ (taxi). 

Many of the domestic flights arrive at the Santos Dumont Aiport, which is located in the very centre of Rio de Janeiro itself.

Getting around the city

Rio de Janeiro has two metro lines connecting most of the touristic and commercial areas of the city. The system operates every day between 05:00 hrs and 00:00 hrs during week days and between 07:00 hrs and 23:00 hrs during the weekend.  

A number of different taxi options are available in Rio. The most common taxi is the standard yellow cab, which can be hailed at any time and location. The radio taxi is more expensive but offers a more punctual option, with cleaner cars operated by reputable companies for a fixed rate.

Like taxis, buses can be found all over Rio de Janeiro. It is the cheapest for of transportation and stops at marked bus stops.

The buses are, however, often crowded and regularly get stuck in traffic. They’re also the sites of many of the city’s robberies, and it’s not wise to ride late at night. On most buses you now board at the front, and pay the fare to the money collector. To avoid pickpockets and muggers, try to sit near the front of the bus. Avoid packed buses.