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Short Class - Bandwidth Limitations in Seismic Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation

During the opening session of the EAGE/SBGf Workshop, Dr Carlos Cunha (Petrobras) will kick off with a short class.

This lecture discusses the main reasons for spectral degradation of conventional seismic data, as well as acquisition and processing techniques commonly used to reduce their impact on the quality of final seismic images. Some of the main topics to be addressed are: theoretical basics related to bandwidth limitation, data acquisition challenges, an overview of novel acquisition and processing techniques for spectral broadening, and consequences of bandwidth limitation on seismic inversion and interpretation results.

About Carlos Cunha

Carlos Alves da Cunha Filho: Master Advisor Geophysical Technology

BS in physics from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

PhD in geophysics from Stanford University

Joined Petrobras in 1982

Working experience in processing, research and development

Areas of interest: signal analysis, seismic imaging, and inversion