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A word of welcome from our convenors

Hydrocarbon resources as well as alternative sources of energy present in the ground must be extracted properly from a geo-system which is highly complex. Also, the ground offers a possible host environment as a temporary or definitive solution for the storage of energy or wastes. 

The host ground can be strongly impacted by the activity of extraction or storage. In order to keep high efficiency of exploited reservoir and to maintain the stability of the system, the mechanical behaviour of the geo-system must be controlled. Consequently, the development of the energy sector, sustainably and in harmony with the geological environment, requires rigorous understanding and assessment of the highly coupled geomechanical response of the geo-system.

Coupling, heterogeneity, uncertainty, anisotropy, non-linearity, irreversibility, space and time multi-scale processes are common features that should be properly tackled if we wish to fully characterize, understand, quantify and predict the behavior of those geo-systems.

Workshop Format

The inaugural conference of this series (the First International Workshop on Geomechanics and Energy) took place in Lausanne (Switzerland) during 26-28 November 2012 and attracted more than 90 participants from 18 countries, from universities, research centres and industries.

Who should attend?

We hope this workshop will have general appeal to everybody involved in geomechanical and geotechnical engineering of energy geo-system. It includes experts, companies, contractors, installers and academic researchers facing the need for a deeper understanding of the highly coupled response of geomaterials in interaction with energy infrastructures or waste storage.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Celle in October 2015.

Prof. L. Laloui (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Prof. B. François (Free University of Brussels, Belgium)