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Programme Committee

Alexander Mityukov 

Deputy General Director of Geology, RN Exploration

Mikhail Mordvintsev 

Head of the Department of Geology and Reserves, Verkhnechonskneftegaz
Yury Agafonov General Director, Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company
Olga Almendinger 
Modeling and Database Group Leader, G&G Department, RN Exploration
Yury Ampilov
Head, PGS Russian office
Sergey Astakhov  Director, Oil Exploration Company, Kontiki
Vladimir Bondarev
Chair of Department of Geophysics of Oil and Gas, , Ural State Mining University 
Andrey Chernov
Leading Geophysicist, Pangea
Anatoly Cherepovskiy 
Regional Geophysicist, SERCEL
Boris Enikeev
Chief Petrophysicist,  Pangea
Vladimir Fomin 
Head of Geophysical Exploration and Research, Department of Exploration in East Siberia, Gazprom Geologorazvedka
Andrey Gaiduk
Manager of Geology – Chief Project Geologist, RN Exploration
Sergey Gorbachev
Chief Geophysicist, RN Shelf Arctic
Igor Kerusov 
Head of Seismic Research Centre, LUKOIL-Engineering
Dmitriy Klyazhnikov
Expert on Petrophysics (Ingenix Group)
Konstantin Kunin 
Head, Field Geophysics Department – Deputy Head, Exploration Division, LUKOIL
Vladislav Kuznetsov 
Deputy General Director of Science, NOVATEK Scientific and Technical Center
Eugeny Petrov
Adviser, Federal Agency on Mineral Resources (Rosnedra)
Vitaliy Pokatilov
Exploration Manager, RN Exploration
Yuriy Popov
Chief Researcher, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Yuriy Roslov                              Deputy Director, SeismoShelf
Vladimir Verzhbitsky
Deputy Head of the Regional Geology and Evaluation of Shelf Projects, Department of Geological Exploration on the Shelf, Rosneft
Vyacheslav Vingalov 
Head of Seismic Research Center, LUKOIL-Engineering, KogalymNIPIneft
Vladimir Vorobiev 
Head of Development of Geological Exploration and Exploration Drilling, Gazpromneft-Angara