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Monday 07 September 2015
SessionStarting timeLocation
General session15.30Plenary Hall

Tuesday 08 September 2015
SessionStarting timeLocation
Estimation of Uncertainty. Inversion and Attribute Analysis in the Reservoir Mapping09.00Conference Hall 1
Observation, Quality Control and Processing Seismic Exploration09.00Conference Hall 2
Petrophysical and Well Survey09.00Conference Hall 3
Regional Session. Western Siberia09.00Blue Hall
Poster Session10.15Conference Hall 3
Enhanced Oil Recovery and Production Optimization11.00Conference Hall 1

Wednesday 09 September 2015
SessionStarting timeLocation
Petrophysical and Well Survey09.00Blue Hall
Regional Session. Timano-Pechora Province and Ural and Volga Region09.00Conference Hall 2
Shelf Projects09.00Conference Hall 1
Theory and Integration of Geophysical Methods. Microseismic and VSP11.50Conference Hall 1
Hydrodynamic Modeling, Estimation of Hydrocarbon Reserves, Validation of Oil Recovery Factor. Prediction of Tension Zones and Abnormally High Pore Pressure14.00Conference Hall 2
Regional Sessions and Arctic Region14.00Conference Hall 3

Thursday 10 September 2015
SessionStarting timeLocation
Eastern Siberia Geology09.00Conference Hall 2
Modeling of Hydrocarbon System Formation / Reservoir Analysis / Petroleum Geochemistry09.00Blue Hall
Unconventional Hydrocarbon Deposits14.25Blue Hall