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Conference Topics

General Geology

  1. Regional Geology of Russian and World’s Oil and Gas Basins
  2. Geodynamics and Tectonic Geology of Sedimentary Basins
  3. Modeling of Hydrocarbon System Formation / Reservoir Analysis / Petroleum Geochemistry
  4. Unconventional Hydrocarbon Deposit: Heavy Crude, Tight Gas, Coal Methane, Gas-Hydrates

Regional Sessions

  1. Regional Session. Western Siberia
  2. Regional Session. Eastern Siberia
  3. Regional Session. Timano-Pechora Province
  4. Regional Session. Caspian Sea Region and Ural and Volga Region
  5. Regional Session. Far East
  6. Regional Session. Azov-Black Sea Region
  7. Challenges and Opportunities in the Arctic Regions Exploration
  8. Foreign Oil and Gas Projects

Geophysical Research

  1. Elastic Wave Propagation Theory and Seismic Modeling
  2. Observation Systems Design, Acquisition and Quality Control of Seismic Data
  3. Application of Seismic Data Processing
  4. Wide-azimuth Exploration, 3D and 4D Seismic
  5. Multiwave Seismology and Borehole Seismic – Case Studies
  6. Unconventional Seismic Exploration (Passive Seismic, 4D Seismic)
  7. Methods of Reservoir Mapping, Attribute Analysis, Inversion, AVO / AVA-analysis
  8. Non-seismic Methods of Exploration – Gravity Exploration, Magnetic Survey, Electrical Exploration, Geochemistry etc.

Laboratory Investigations, Petrophysics and Well Survey

  1. Rock Physics
  2. Petrophysics and Well Survey
  3. Reservoir Sedimentology. Methods and Techniques of Rock Research

Exploration and Field Development

  1. Hydrodynamic Modeling, Estimation of Hydrocarbon Reserves, Validation of Oil Recovery Factor
  2. Prediction of Tension Zones and Abnormally High Pore Pressure
  3. Enhanced Oil Recovery and Production Optimization
  4. Geophysical Control and Time Lapse Study of Production on Oil and Gas Fields

General Topics

  1. Geological and Economical Analysis of Exploration and Development for Oil and Gas
  2. Quantitative Estimation of Uncertainty in Exploration and Development. Risk Analysis
  3. Mathematical Methods of Processing of Geological Information
  4. Processing Tools in the Modern Geological and Geophysical Processes
  5. Training and Professional Development of Petroleum Industry Specialists