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Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

The Student Affairs Committee is a sub-committee of the Education Committee. The Student Affairs Committee is composed of a chairman and at least four other members. All these functionaries are appointed by the Board and serve for a period of two to six years. The Student Affairs Committee focuses on student affairs and local student representation and activities. The Student Affairs Committee reports to the Education Officer.

Current members of the Student Affairs Committee are:
Claudia Steiner-Luckabauer, co-chair HOT Engineering GmbH
Pierre-Olivier Lys, co-chair Total E&P Norge AS
Giancarlo Bernasconi Politecnico di Milano
Roger Clark University of Leeds
Thomas Finkbeiner King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Aaron Girard University of Western Australia
Anne Jardin IFP Energies Nouvelles
Arjan Kamp Total