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Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is conferred upon a member of EAGE who has made a highly significant and distinguished technical and/or non-technical contribution to the geoscience community at large or to EAGE in particular.

Honorary Membership 2016 is conferred upon

Olivier Dubrule
The epithet ‘Lies, damned lies and statistics’ could never be applied to Olivier Dubrule’s geostatistics; rather the contrary because rigorous application of geostatistics enabled a clearer understanding of uncertainty and its incorporation into subsurface risk management through the integration of this primarily mathematical discipline with geological knowledge and rules. This was rigorously articulated in Olivier’s thirty or so papers in geostatistics and earth modelling and was recognised by his employer Total in a career that took him to Vice-President in charge of Total’s Worldwide Geosciences and University Relations and to his current position as Visiting Professor of Petroleum Geostatistics at Imperial College, London.

Olivier’s career has spanned both technical achievement and a great commitment to education and communication. Motivated by a desire to share knowledge he has been an organiser, convenor, chairman and contributor to almost countless conferences and workshops for both EAGE and its sister organisations, including AAPG, SPE and SEG. Olivier served as a DISC instructor for geostatistics; he authored the AAPG course notes on geostatistics that have become a standard reference and he co-edited a thematic set of Petroleum Geostatistics that appeared in Petroleum Geoscience.

Olivier has made significant contributions to the association, having been EAGE president 2004-5 and the EAGE representative and Board member of IPTC Ltd. He has served on the EAGE awards committee as well as the editorial board of Petroleum Geoscience. For these and many other contributions to professional and university communities and for his excellent technical achievements, we make the award of Honorary Membership to Olivier Dubrule.

Vienna, 30 May 2016




Lars Sønneland
An applied mathematician by background, Lars Sønneland spent just three years in academic research before joining the Geophysical Company of Norway (Geco) in 1974. The move clearly suited him and his employer because he stayed with Geco through all its metamorphoses, recently retiring from Schlumberger after 41 years to become a consultant advisor to the Stavanger-based research group that he created and nurtured. Although Lars had early significant contributions in seismic acquisition, including a notable paper on dual streamer wavefield separation, it was his brainchild of Charisma, the first truly interactive commercial workstation capable of supporting 3D seismic interpretation, that set his future path. In a career spanning over 40 years, Lars focused on developing ideas and applications for generating and interpreting 3D seismic
attributes, whether from towed marine seismic, sea-bed seismic, borehole seismic or time-lapse seismic. His emphasis has been to integrate seismic interpretation with stratigraphic modelling, geological process modelling, reservoir simulation, geomechanics and microseismics.

Although the output from the Stavanger research group that Lars led was focused towards commercial application, Lars has a significant publication record, including many patents, a good number of peer-reviewed articles and a large body of expanded abstracts presented at
both SEG and EAGE annual meetings. He has been a tireless supporter of EAGE conferences and workshops and has contributed to the steering committees of several Norwegian scientific bodies. Lars’s technical work has been recognised with many best paper and best technology awards, and he has served on university review boards in Norway, Switzerland and Scotland. For his technical, university and association contributions over a lifetime of achievements in exploration and production, we award Honorary Membership to Lars Sønneland.

Vienna, 30 May 2016‚Äč


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