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Recruitment for Employees


Recruitment for Employees

Looking for a new challenge in the geoscience industry? Let EAGE help to boost your career! EAGE offers a variety of services, both for geoscience specialists looking for a new job and for recruiters who are looking for new employees.
• Industry Jobs - Check out the industry jobs page for the latest offers from the industry
• Read EAGE's yearly Recruitment Special magazine
• Visit the Job Centre at EAGE events
• Education - Check out our worldwide education programme
• Senior member service - Stay active after the retirement



Industry Jobs 

List of jobs Company Location Publication date
Several positions for tenure-track Scientist or Technical Scientist Jamstec  Japan 28-12-2016
Land Processing Geophysicist Shearwater Tunbrige Wells, UK 


Depth Imaging Geophysicist Shearwater Tunbrige Wells, UK 


Processing & Imaging Supervisor Shearwater Tunbrige Wells, UK 


Legal Manager Shearwater Tunbrige Wells, UK 


Programmer  Shearwater Tunbrige Wells, UK 


Dean, College of Engineering  Boyden Saskatoon, Canada


PhD-candidate within mathematically oriented petroleum seismology (4D seismics) University of Bergen Bergen, Norway  13-02-2017

The job opportunities listed on this website are a service to EAGE members and professionals interested in the field of geoscience. EAGE is not responsible for the content of the job descriptions. Responses can be sent directly to the advertising company. 


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Recruitment Special magazine

The Recruitment Special has become a regular feature of EAGE’s publication calendar, inviting potential employers, professional recruiters, young geoscience professionals, professors and students to tell their stories, offer opinions, and generally reflect on the oil and gas industry and its role and relevance in the world.


Read the latest Recruitment Special (2016) below (click 'Expand' to view full-screen). Previous issues of the Recruitment Special are also available as PDF.


Previously published Recruitment Specials:


For more information about advertising possibilities click here or contact EAGE's Account Manager Recruitment.


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Visit our Job Centre

The Job Centre is a designated area for recruiters on the exhibition floor of EAGE's Annual Conference & Exhibition in June. EAGE started this initative at the annual Conference & Exhibition in Vienna in 2006 and since then the Job Centre has become a successful meeting point for recruiters, students and professionals. 

The next Job Centre will be organized during the 79th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition in Vienna held from 12-15 June 2017. As a job seeker you are very welcome to attend EAGE's Annual Conference & Exhbition and visit the Job Centre.

Why visit EAGE's Job Centre?

  • Get to know your possible new employer
  • Discuss potential career opportunities
  • Find out what the must-have qualifications are for your dream job
  • Strengthen and expand your network


AGE Conference & Exhibition 2017

Education and Training

All EAGE Educational programmes (including In-house Courses,  EET, Education Days, Online Learning) have been moved to our NEW EAGE website:

Learning Geoscience provides an easier and more accessible way for members and companies to find out about the growing number of learning opportunities being provided by the Association. EAGE believes that it is vitally important for all geoscientists to keep up-to-date on the latest developments in their field and in recent years has significantly increased its educational programmes which have attracted excellent attendance worldwide. Members and companies can now catch up with all the latest programmes on the Learning Geoscience website, from education tours on various topics to in-house courses and the latest service in online learning: e-lectures.

Learning Geoscience has been set up with a clear interface for both new and experienced learners and includes some exciting features:
- User friendly interface with easy navigation.
- Free and direct access to online courses and lectures.
- Overview of the available (in-house) courses
- News module on the homepage to announce upcoming events, such as Education Days, EAGE Education Tours, and educational activities for students and young professionals.
- Calendar with a complete overview of all planned events.



Senior members

EAGE values the knowledge and experience of its senior members. For this reason, we have teamed up with Expert Alumni, a leading organization that helps both individuals and companies to benefit from the opportunities that are offered by a retiring workforce.

Signing up with Expert Alumni is free of charge!

Expert Alumni creates opportunities for retired members to stay active in the geoscience industry. Apply your skills, knowledge and expertise, but manage your own hours. You decide!

Why join Expert Alumni?

  • You can continue making a difference by applying your skills, knowledge and expertise in the workplace without hierarchical responsibility
  • You can manage your own hours. If you want to work three months in a year, no problem. Do you work best in the morning? No problem, you can keep the afternoon for yourself
  • You will be valued for your achievements and knowledge
  • You will stay informed about the latest news and developments within the geoscience industry

Find out what Expert Alumni has to offer and read more on their website. If you want to register for the free Expert Alumni membership please click here (when registering, please us the referral code 'EAGE-REF').