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Recruitment & EAGE Introduction

EAGE offers a wide range of services, both for Employees looking for a new challenge and for companies and recruitment agencies who are looking for new staff.
EAGE offers the following:
Recruitment for Employees:
Industry Jobs - Visit the industry jobs page for the latest offers from the industry
Read EAGE's yearly Recruitment Special magazine
Visit the Job Centre at EAGE events
Education and Training - Check our worldwide education programme
Senior member service - Stay active after the retirement
Recruitment for Employers:
Industry Jobs – Post your job or advertise with banners at EAGE’s industry jobs page
Recruitment Special – Advertise in EAGE's annual Recruitment Special magazine
Job Centre – Participate with a booth in the dedicated recruitment area at EAGE events
Sponsoring EAGE students

Work at EAGE
EAGE Careers - Job opportunities within EAGE